Working together to create a better, more sustainable world

At Enactus we are dedicated to creating a better world while developing the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders and social innovators. The Enactus network of global business, academic and student leaders are unified by our vision—to create a better, more sustainable world


Most improved team at Nationals 2019!

Due to making a substantial impression this year, we are driven to push ourselves even further, ensuring we live up to, and surpass the expectations on us in the following year.

A BIG thank you to everyone who has supported us this year, and we will work harder than ever to ensure we do Enactus Aston and all of our sponsors and supporters proud!

We look forward to working with you all again in the year to come!

Go Enactus Aston!


Be the change

At Enactus Aston we are involved in the planning, management and running of each project, with on-going training and support from experienced professionals. Our team consists of students from a broad range of degree courses. We work we develop out skills, which we utilize towards improving confidence and skills of the most vulnerable in society helping to empowering those individuals to make a difference within their lives and others around them. By doing this we are able to help each other and make the world a better place.

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With a head for business and a heart for the world, we live our values of integrity, passion, innovation and collaboration.